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Whip Sales Objections!

It’s All About The Names

This portion of our free sales training is not designed to be entirely about name-based rapport; however, to give you the best tools possible to beat objections, you MUST understand and start using this type of rapport.

Reminder- please continue to keep an open mind to this. If you don’t have an open mind, I CAN’T HELP YOU! But if you’re all ready starting to question this, just ask yourself again…. Is what I’m doing now working for me? Has ANY advice from the industry experts made a PROFOUND impact on my sales career?  

I would like to share with you a few examples that will hopefully drive the point home like it did for me when I first learned about name based rapport.. You may be asking, “why do names matter?”  I’ve found throughout my entire sales career that by using credible names that my prospect knows and respects, I can gain INSTANT rapport with them that works. A type of rapport that helps my prospect gain trust in me, and to become genuinely interested in what I’m saying.. They don’t always buy from me, but the point is, by having and using the names, I don’t have to get hammered by the gatekeeper, I usually don’t receive the “fluff” or fake objections like “just not interested,” and I’ve found that if my names are REALLY STELLAR, my prospect will USUALLY BUY! And I REALLY MEAN USUALLY! It’s not been uncommon for sales people in our company to have an 70% to 80% closing ratio. 80% in a direct-sales position with NO PRESSURE! That means 8 out of 10 people buy AT THE FIRST APPOINTMENT!

Example #1: (non-business example)

You go up to a beautiful woman (or handsome guy) at a bar. You walk up and say “Would you like to go out to dinner with me?”

Chances are you will get a weird look and probably not succeed (unless you’re INCREDIBLY lucky)

Now, let’s say you know this beautiful woman’s friend (or guys’ friend). So you ask the friend for this person’s name, where they’re from, and if they all ready have a boyfriend/girlfriend, are married, etc.

Now, let’s try it again. This time, you walk up to the person and have TWO names to use. 1) this person’s name, and 2) the best friend’s name.

“Hi. Are you Mary? I’m Chris. I was talking to your best fried Sherry and she mentioned you’re from Peoria originally! My best friend’s from Peoria. Where did you go to high

With the two names, you now have INSTANT rapport and some credibility. This total stranger is now MUCH more likely to listen to you, and if you both keep talking, you now have a much better shot at getting a date. See, the first method was a “Cold-call” with NO RAPPORT, and the second was a “Warm-call” with some rapport. See the difference?

Example #2: (non-business example)

Would you EVER leave your children with a TOTAL stranger? 

Even if you don’t have kids, you probably said “NO WAY.” But if you’re a parent, I bet you have. Example number 2 regarding how important names are:

Say your “long-time” regular baby-sitter is sick and has to cancel tonight. You have a very important dinner date and CAN’T miss it! You ask your baby-sitter if they can recommend anyone to help in a pinch. They say, “You should call Tanyia. She’s AWESOME. We
baby-sit many of the same families and I bet she could help out. You’ll really like her!”

You call Tanyia, she says “Sure, I’d love to help out!” Bingo. 

You just left your kid with a TOTAL stranger based on the rapport of ONE NAME (your current baby-sitter.)

Additional examples of SERIOUS rapport:

 1) family doctor recommends a “specialist”

 2) accountant recommends an attorney

 3) best friend recommends a cleaning lady

Example #3: (Business example)

With good name based rapport, the gatekeeper objection disappears:

Wrong way: 

You: “Hi! Can I speak with the purchasing agent?”

Secretary: “Who’s this? He doesn’t talk with sales people”

Right way:

You: “Bob Smith please”

Secretary: “Can I tell him who’s calling?”

You: “Sure. By the way, is this Michelle? Betty, (Todd’s secretary over at ZZZ company,) mentioned you work with Bob! She’s awesome. Anyway, just tell Bob that Todd asked me to call him.!”

Secretary: “O.K., let me put you through!”

You just used several names to get right around the secretary. See, gatekeepers only keep STRANGERS OUT. If you’re not a stranger, then you’re in business!

Example #4: (Business example)

Wrong way (once you’ve gotten through to the prospect):

“Hi Mr. Smith. My name is Joe Brown with XYZ. We have some REALLY HOT DEALS on our XYZ Product. Why don’t I stop by to talk with you.” (you’re instantly shot down.)

Right way (once you’ve gotten through to the prospect):

“Hi. Is this Mike? This is Joe with XYZ. Did Bob Benson mention I’d be giving you a call? I worked with Bob on a project over at RR Company. I also work with a friend of his, Terry Michaels, over at TT Company. Do you know Terry? Anyway….” (now you have Mike Smith’s interest- as long as Bob and Terry’s names make sense to him.)

Now that I’ve given a few examples of HOW important name based rapport is, hopefully you’ll start giving it a try. Even if you’re in an industry where you have to be sensitive to private information, I’ve found that there’s ALWAYS ways to build name based rapport without doing anything unethical or illegal!

I also refer to name based rapport as “third-person selling” when it comes to handling the sales. All this means is that you’re using a “third-person” (your rapport name) to make points in your presentation. Trust me, it is completely different if you tie each point you make to a credible name that your prospect knows versus just expressing your opinion. Remember- you’re a sales person, and until you have a course of dealing with your client, there will remain an element of mistrust, just due to the nature of sales!

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