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Course 301 Intermediate Direct Sales

Looking to take your sales results up a notch?

Perhaps you’re a successful sales person already, but are trying to improve your weekly and monthly results without investing a lot more time. Or maybe you’ve been in a sales position for a while and continually watch your associates reach much higher revenue and income levels.

And you know that you work just as hard (or maybe even harder) than these associates. So what exactly are they doing differently? How are they hitting big numbers?

The good news is that there are really only three fundamental ways to increase your sales revenues. And the best part? You can make dramatic, positive improvements in each of these areas without investing a lot more time! In fact, many of the techniques taught in this course show how you can increase your revenues without investing any additional time.

Your course is delivered in 6 MP3 audio modules and is accompanied with a PDF course outline and course exercises. Upon purchasing this course, you will receive an email with a link to download the MP3 files and course PDF.

You can hear an excerpt from this course by clicking on the video, and please review the course outline below. This course is offered with an unconditional 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. We also offer a sales training combo pack including all 8 of our sales training courses..


Course 301 Intermediate Direct Sales Training

Module One: Introduction
Module Two: How Are You Spending Your Time?
Module Three: Increasing Your Sales Presentations
Module Four: Increasing Your Closing Ratio
Module Five: Increasing Your Dollar Per Sale
Module Six: Conclusion

65 Minutes 15 Seconds

7:30 Minutes
9:49 Minutes
14:19 Minutes
9:55 Minutes
22:46 Minutes
56 Seconds

Course 301 Intermediate Direct Sales Training

Regular Price: $89

Sales Price: $9.97

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